Lithium Batteries Enter The Era of High Energy Density

Lithium Batteries Enter The Era of High Energy Density

2020-08-06 14:56:34

With the continuous development of related technologies in the power field, the endurance of ordinary batteries can no longer meet the needs of consumers. Nowadays, in addition to the safety of batteries, people are also paying more and more attention to battery life. In order to improve the battery life, people focus on the energy density of the battery, and introduced a high energy density battery.

Energy density refers to the amount of energy stored in a unit of certain space or mass matter. The energy density of a battery is the electric energy released by the average unit volume or mass of the battery. The energy density of a battery is generally divided into two dimensions: weight energy density and volume energy density. So how should people increase the energy density of batteries?

1. Increase the battery size.
Battery manufacturers can achieve the effect of capacity expansion by increasing the original battery size. However, increasing the battery core will increase the size of the battery, which may result in a mismatch of the battery model.

2. Upgrade the positive pole material.
The energy density of the battery is controlled by the battery's positive and negative electrodes. Since the energy density of the current negative electrode material is much greater than that of the positive electrode, increasing the energy density requires continuous upgrading of the positive electrode material.

3. Optimize the composition and structure of the battery.
The use of thinner aluminum-plastic film and thinner battery separator allows the battery to reduce the volume of aluminum-plastic film, separator, etc. that do not directly contribute to the capacity under a limited volume, and increase the chemical substances that can provide capacity, thereby increasing the battery cell capacity.

Of course, companies must have fairly advanced technology to increase the energy density of batteries while ensuring safety. VDL is just such a company focusing on small rechargeable lithium batteries. The latest lithium battery product 1254H Coin battery TWS coin battery launched by the company has increased the battery capacity and operating voltage, and increased the energy density of the battery by 30% on the premise of ensuring safety. This can not only improve the battery life of the button lithium battery, but also ensure the compact appearance of the button battery.