Advantages and development trends of bagged squared pouch battery

Advantages and development trends of bagged squared pouch battery

2020-06-29 17:35:35

Squared pouch battery
The main advantages of a square battery are its thin profile and efficient use of space. The elongated rectangular shape helps to better layer and increase flexibility, and square batteries are commonly found in mobile phones, tablets, and other light electronic devices.

8 advantages of choosing a square battery
Lithium battery pack flexibility

A fully assembled battery pack with a built-in BMS as a standard battery module. Modules are assembled in a parallel configuration to increase capacity, and in a series configuration to increase voltage. At the same time, the built-in BMS can provide an output cable for communication.

squared pouch battery

Cycle life
We have tested bagged square batteries randomly selected from the production line. After an equivalent acceleration of more than 4,400 charge cycles after a constant cycle, the 10 AH battery still recorded about 9 AH. After repeated charging, the battery capacity decreased by only about 10%.

When one bagged square battery fails, the other bagged square battery can take over directly. When you replace a single faulty bagged square battery, the rest of the system can continue to operate normally, thereby improving the reliability of the system.

squared pouch battery

Improve energy storage
Compared with cylindrical batteries, the energy storage capacity of bagged square batteries in a given physical space is much greater.

Whenever there is an internal problem with a pouch-shaped battery or a cylindrical battery, the pressure will increase and swell. In those uncommon situations, bagged square batteries will only swell. Traditionally, cylindrical batteries are housed in iron sleeves, so when pressure is formed in the cylindrical batteries, the ends of the cylindrical batteries are fixed by other batteries or casings, and they may explode, posing a safety hazard.

Generally, the weight of a bag-shaped square battery is less than that of an equivalent cylindrical battery. The energy density of flat pouch-shaped square batteries is greater than other shapes of batteries, but it is much more difficult to manufacture stacked pouch batteries. Therefore, bagged square batteries are also one of the best products that test the production technology of battery manufacturers.

VDL's entire bagged square battery production line is manufactured by automated equipment, and then manually tested to ensure that the quality of each cell meets the standard, thereby eliminating human errors in handmade batteries and making each battery uniform and consistent Sex.

The trend of bagged square batteries
With the development of economy, the utilization rate of pouch batteries continues to increase, depending on the ability to have higher shape flexibility and produce fashionable appearance products. Low internal resistance and long battery life reduce the extra cost for customers to replace the battery, which is very suitable for wearable devices, smart phones, speakers and other 3C products.

The advantages of flexible packaging batteries in terms of safety and energy density have also received increasing attention. Judging from the capacity of the new power battery this year, flexible packaging batteries account for 30%. In the future, the penetration rate of flexible packaging batteries in the field of new energy vehicles will gradually increase.